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Bubbles Wars

Bubbles Wars is smart and interesting game.

You say Bubbles Wars and mean logic, strategic thinking and concentration.
You say Bubbles Wars and imply excellent quality and exclusive design.
Do you want to try???

So here you have the rules.
The main aim of Bubbles Wars is to fill the board with as many of your bubbles as possible.
How to do that? With a click on a bubble you see all the possible moves that a bubble can perform.
You can move it to the adjacent squares, in this case your bubble will double or jump over one space.
If you make a move and find yourself surrounded by the enemy bubbles, don't worry, this is great, because all of them will turn into your bubbles. But be careful, hostile bubbles will try to do the same.
The game is over when the board is filled up. The winner of the war is a player who has more bubbles on the board.

- brilliant design;
- amazing sound;
- fabulous game.

Are you ready to win these Bubble Wars???