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Best Lights Off

Best Lights Off is a challenging and mysterious game. To resolve the mystery of the game use brains and be patient.

There is a house with ghosts. The light in this house is always switched on and only few people know how to turn it off.

The rules are simple. By clicking on a window you turn off the light not only in the window itself but in all the adjacent windows as well.
The objective is to turn off the light in each and every window in the house and gain as many points as possible.

On the screen you can see not only the number of the movements that you've made on the level that you are playing at the moment but also all the moves from the previous level.

If something goes wrong you can use the buttons "Help" and "Solve", this will give you a clue how to continue the game and score or you can just go back to the start with a click on the "Reset" button.

Good Luck!