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Extreme Flight

Fly like a professional pilot! Get, sell and upgrade your planes.
Pass 4 amazing zones with 40 extreme levels!

Extreme Flight is a great challenge, unbelievable design and crazy game play!

Spectacular, spectacular! Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to super Airshow!

Incredible height, breathtaking loops, super planes!
The game consists in passing rings that are situated in different parts of the screen. A player should be not only quick and maneuverable, but think a little how he/she can pass a level and get best score.

To open every next level a player should pass the previous one. Only when you pass all the levels of a zone you will be able to open a new one.

All the zones have their own unique characteristics and features. With every new zone a player gets a new plane. A player can choose what plane he wants to use for this or that level. All the planes have different speed and maneuverability characteristics.

- original game play;
- 4 zones 40 levels;
- possibility to choose a plane;
- get 3 stars in all the levels;
- fantastic design;
- great sound!

The game is recommended by professional pilots!