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Panda vs Bugs

You have never seen a game like this before! Brand new Idea. Brand New Graphics. Brand new Addiction.

Sunny day... Green Forest... Lovely Panda, enjoying the life... and... BUGS, BUGS, BUGS!
Bugs climb the trees all the time. Bugs try to sting the Lovely Panda. They appear from nowhere with the only aim - to hurt. But our Panda is not a weakling! Our Panda is a true warrior!
Do you want to know how to help the lovely animal?
Here you go!

The principles of the game are the following:
- Panda can try to escape from bugs, it can move from tree to tree and from one side of the trunk to another. If it is above the insects a player can make it slide down and kill the bugs with Panda's bottom.
- A player should keep in mind that the number of bugs and their speed is growing all the time!!!
- Every killed bug brings a point, but if a bug manages to sting Panda, it will fall down from a tree and a player will lose one life.

- original idea;
- exceptional graphics;
- excellent animation;
- funny sound.

Help Panda, clean the forest from Bugs!