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Panda Survival

Panda Survival is a real Bomb!

The game that doesn't leave indifferent. The game that will never let you get bored. The game created to make your life more colorful and crazy.
Once upon a time, in a bamboo paradise, there lived a Freaky Panda. Freaky Panda was a lovely friendly animal that enjoyed every day of her life. She spent her days and nights eating bamboo, sitting on the trees, dreaming about great adventures.
But suddenly everything turned upside down. Armies of Evil Bugs invaded the bamboo paradise. They destroyed the bamboo and killed Freaky Panda.
Do you want to change the end of this fairy tale?

So play Panda Survival!
The main aim of the game is to escape from Evil Bugs. Run to the left or to the right and try to save Freaky Panda from insects. The final score is the number of Evil Bugs that Freaky Panda has managed to avoid with your help.

Change the end of the tail, save Freaky Panda.