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Amazing Pong

Amazing Pong is a fascinating, familiar to everyone game.
The game that hooks you immediately and doesn't let you get bored!
So do you want to do some sports, at least virtually?
Impossible is nothing! Amazing Pong is at your service!
Let's play Ping-Pong!!!

This game has two modes of playing classic and crazy:
- classic during the match a player can move the racket up and down;
- crazy the racket moves not only up and down, but to the left and to the right, moreover one can pick up some elements that all of a sudden appear on the field.
A player can also choose the level of difficulty and wins mode.

- 2 modes of playing;
- 3 different background themes;
- 4 types of courts (with obstacles including);
- superb graphics;
- amazing sound.

Amazing pastime it's Amazing Pong!