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Monster Rush

Monster Rush is fast and dynamic, chaotic and swift, hooking game with an extremely sweet personage.

He is a Monster, not an ordinary one. He is kind and warm-hearted and can't imagine his life without sweet-stuffs. But he has a problem. The name of the problem is Bugs, which are quite annoying and don't let Monster to catch his tasty cakes.

So the principle of the game is the following, a player have to catch as many cakes as he or she can and at the same time try not to run into Bugs. Except Bugs a player can come across green and red balloons. Remember that green balloons bring you some bonuses, while the red ones can hurt you. The more cakes a player catches the more points he or she gets, if a bug hits the monster a player will lose one life.

- lovely design;
- 3 levels of difficulty;
- nice sound.

Escape from Bugs, make Monster happy!