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Crazy Survival 1.5 World Trip

Crazy Survival World Trip the long-awaited continuation.

Millions of users already know that Crazy Survival is the bomb, but nobody knew that it was just the begging.

The Beginning of... great love. Great love in a crazy cruel world.
There were only two of them, always together, always happy. Till a hooligan decided to break this story. He stole the girl and with the girl he stole peace and life of Crazy Man.
Now to find his better-half Crazy Man has to fight against the whole world, he will cross countries and continents, but will he find her?
The answer depend on you, player.
To find his girlfriend Crazy Man should pass seven continents. The enemies of Crazy Man are balls, rockets, spikes, comets... To move to the next continent Crazy Man should pass 15 levels. To pass the levels he has to stay alive, collect stars or get points. It will be a very dangerous trip, so be prepared.


- breathtaking story;
- beloved character against powerful villain;
- good graphics;
- nice sound;
- interesting levels;
- fantastic game!